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Consecutive interpreting

We offer consecutive interpreting services as well. Consecutive interpreting is done during short pauses of the speaker in his speech/report. Consecutive interpreting is most often carried out at international conferences, business meetings, phone conversations with foreign business partners, and in many other cases. Among the prerequisites for high-quality consecutive interpreting is the speaker's understanding that he\she should deliver his\her report clearly and make pauses in speech sufficient for the interpreter to have time to interpret after him. Our interpreters have a complete command of the technology of interpretation. Therefore, by ordering consecutive interpreting from the Lingua Translation Agency, be sure that the interpreters will always do their work with the highest quality.

A professional interpreter should not only be well-versed in these nuances, but he/she should also be competent in a topic on which the report is being delivered. Therefore, our interpreters constantly practice their skills, do translations for companies in different areas to make top-quality translations.

Consecutive interpreting is one of the most common types of interpreting. It is ordered most often. Our interpreters do consecutive interpreting not only in Lviv, but also throughout Ukraine and abroad.

You can order consecutive interpreting at a satisfying price in our translation agency. All you need is visit our office in Lviv on 8/14 Tyktora St., or contact us by phone or email.

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Written translation

Group Language Document Page
I English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish from 119 uah 139-179 uah
I Russian from 119 uah 129 uah
II Czech, Slovak from 119 uah 139-179 uah
II Turkish, Greek, Hungarian, Georgian from 149 uah 179-229 uah
II Slovenian, Lithuanian from 200 uah 200-230 uah
III Latvian, Portuguese, Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish by agreement by agreement
III Arabic, Hebrev,  Romanian, Armenian, Kazach, Uzbek, Chinese by agreement by agreement

Standard documents:

birth and marriage certificates.

certificate, diploma (without appendixes)

Terms of translation:

I group of languages:

<5 pages - on the next day
>5 pages - by agreement
the same day + 100% of cost
II and III group of languages - by agreement


Notarization of translation to the original document - 130 uah.

Notarization of translation into a copy of the document - 130 uah.

Notarization of passport translation - 150 uah.

Notarized copy - 70 uah.

Certificate of translation by the Translation Agency - free

Certificate of translation of the translation agency - 20 uah.



Attention! Prices for synchronous interpreting services may differ from those specified, so please contact us by phone.

Group Language Telephone conversation Consecutive Simultaneous
I English, Spanish, German, Polish, Russian, French, Czech by agreement from 400 hrn from 1650 hrn
I Italian by agreement from 500 hrn by agreement
II Dutch, Greek by agreement by agreement by agreement
II Portuguese, Slavik, Hungarian by agreement by agreement by agreement

Legalization, apostille:

Apostille of the Ministry of Justice - from 199 hrn

Apostille of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on medical certificates, certificates of residence registration, certificates of no criminal record - 150 hrn

«Double» Apostille

Apostille + translation (І group of languages)+Apostille - from 530 hrn.*

Apostille of the Ministry of Education - price and terms to find out by phone

Certificate of secondary education, diploma, appendix to the diploma - from 550 hrn.* from 10 working days

Certificate of secondary education, diploma, appendix to the diploma - from 900 hrn.* from 5 working days

Certificate of secondary education, diploma, appendix to the diploma - from 1350 hrn.* from 3 working days

Certificate of secondary education of the old model, diploma of the old model, supplement to the diploma of the old model - from 550 hrn.* from 30-40 working days

Certificate of secondary education of the old model, diploma of the old model, supplement to the diploma of the old model - from 750 hrn.* from 20 working days

#The name of the document you want to makeDocuments requiredPriceTermsDescription
1 Birth Certificate
Marriage Certificate
Certificate of Divorce
Other documents issued by a civil registry office
A copy of the old certificate
or other document, copy of Ukrainian passport
400 - 750 hrn. 1-2 working days  
2 Certificate of no criminal record A copy of Ukrainian passport 400 hrn. from 5 working days  


Legal translation at the Embassy of Italy in Ukraine:

certificate issued by a civil registry office: from 1200 hrn.

certificate of no criminal record: 1400 hrn.

extract: 1900 hrn.

notarial statements and other documents: from 2300 hrn.

certificate of secondary education, diploma: from 2300 hrn.
appendix to the diploma, certifcate: from 2500-5000 hrn

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Since 1998, Lingua Translation Agency provides services in the field of written, sequential and simultaneous translation with / in more than 30 languages, legalization of documents.

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